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The judge gets a new job while the ex-governor. Snyder expects a key decision

DETROIT (AP) — A judge expected to make a major decision in a Flint water case against former Gov. Rick Snyder has been promoted to federal court, leaving him and his defense team wondering what’s next.

Genesee County Judge F. Kay Behm was approved Tuesday by the US Senate to become a federal judge in eastern Michigan.

Behm heard arguments six weeks ago, on October 26, but did not issue a decision while her nomination as a federal judge was pending. State prosecutors want to simply restart the process by sending Snyder’s indictment back to District Court and turning it into a regular criminal complaint.

Another judge overseeing Flint’s felony water charges against seven people rejected that approach entirely, dismissing their cases Oct. 4.

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Behm’s staff said they have signed warrants in many cases this week.

I don’t know if that’s one of them. I’m going as fast as I can,” administrative secretary Denise Churchill said Thursday.

flint the water was contaminated with lead after Snyder-appointed city managers began using the Flint River in 2014 to save money while a new pipeline to Lake Huron was built. The water was not treated to reduce its corrosive qualities, causing lead to leach out of the old pipes and contaminate the system for more than a year.

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