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Stowaways found at the wheel of a ship in the Spanish Canary Islands


Spain’s Maritime Salvage Service says it rescued three stowaways traveling at the helm of a ship in the Canary Islands after the ship set sail there from Nigeria.

The men, found on the Alithini II oil tanker in the port of Las Palmas, appeared to have symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia and were taken to hospitals on the island for medical attention, Spain’s Salvamento Marítimo said.

According to the ship-tracking website MarineTraffic, the Maltese-flagged ship left Lagos, Nigeria, on November 17 and arrived in Las Palmas on Monday.

Although extremely dangerous, it is not the first time that stowaways have been found traveling at the helm of commercial ships to the Canary Islands. Last year, a 14-year-old Nigerian boy was interviewed by the Spanish newspaper El País after surviving two weeks at the helm of a ship. He too had left Lagos.

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