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South Korean President Warns North About Nuclear Program | CNN

Seoul, South Korea

North Korea will face “a determined and overwhelming response” from South Korea and the United States if it tries to use nuclear weapons, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said on Saturday.

Speaking at the nation’s 74th Armed Forces Day ceremony, Yoon called North Korea’s recent law declaring itself a “nuclear weapons state” a threat to North Korea’s survival and prosperity. Sur and reiterated calls for Kim Jong Un to denuclearize.

“[North Korea’s] the development of nuclear weapons will make life more difficult for North Koreans. The regime must make the decision to denuclearize in order to achieve true peace and mutual prosperity on the Korean peninsula,” Yoon said.

Yoon also reaffirmed the alliance between South Korea and the United States and vowed that both militaries would vigorously respond to North Korea’s provocations and threats if necessary.

“(The South Korean government) will improve its reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities and its strike capabilities against North Korea,” Yoon added.

Earlier on Saturday, the South Korean military detected two short-range ballistic missiles launched from North Korea’s Sunan area in Pyongyang, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said in a statement.

It was the fourth time in the past week that Pyongyang has fired missiles.

South Korea held an emergency National Security Council (NSC) meeting shortly after North Korea’s launch.

North Korea has now fired the most ballistic missiles in a single year since Kim Jong Un took power in 2012, according to the Unification Ministry and a CNN tally.

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