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Peru accuses Mexico of interfering in internal affairs after the overthrow of Castillo | CNN


Mexico’s ambassador in Lima has been summoned by Peru’s foreign ministry over complaints that Mexico is interfering in its internal affairs, after senior officials weighed in on the ouster earlier this week of former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo. .

Castillo, who was ousted from power on Wednesday after he tried to dissolve Peru’s congress and call new elections, was arrested while allegedly traveling to the Mexican embassy, ​​according to Peruvian prosecutors.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard later said Castillo had applied for asylum, and Mexican President López Obrador criticized Peruvian elites and called for the protection of the ousted president’s human rights.

López Obrado also said that he had ordered Ambassador Pablo Monroy to “open the door of the embassy” to Castillo. Monroy reportedly met with Castillo on Thursday.

A statement from the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday said that the “comments made by the Mexican authorities are an interference in the internal affairs of Peru and do not reflect the events of recent days.”

It added that the “comments made by these (Mexican) authorities on the right to asylum requested by former President Castillo, (we) inform Ambassador Monroy of the need for States to follow all the regulations established in current international treaties and comply with all the requirements. ”

He also highlighted the “mutual respect and the norms of international law,” as well as the “long tradition of friendship” between Mexico and Peru.

In his tweet, Ebrard shared a copy of the letter apparently signed by Castillo’s attorney on Thursday.

“I have the high honor of addressing you, and in view of the latest political events that have occurred in this country, of which you are aware in great detail, I ask you to consider granting asylum to citizen Pedro José Castillo Terrones,” the letter read.

Ebrard said that his government has “initiated consultations with the Peruvian authorities” and confirmed that Monroy had met with Castillo.

“He found him physically well and in the company of his lawyer,” Ebrard said.

On the same day, Mexico’s leftist president, Obrador, told reporters that Castillo tried to go to the Mexican embassy in Lima to request asylum.

“I contacted Marcelo Ebrard and informed him. I asked him to speak with the ambassador (Monroy) and to open the door of the embassy according to our tradition of asylum,” the President told reporters. “We ask that their human rights be respected.”

“We are very sorry for what happened because since Pedro Castillo won, legally, legitimately, he was the victim of harassment, confrontation, his adversaries, especially the economic and political elites of that country, did not accept that he governed, among other things, and that is What I regret the most,” he added.

Asked on Friday morning if she would agree to speak with López Obrador on the matter and give Castillo a safe-conduct, Peru’s new president, Dina Boluarte, told reporters she would abide by the law.

“I have always followed the law. We will follow the asylum law in the case of the former president and his family, that would have to come from the Mexican government ”.

Castillo is currently under a seven-day preliminary arrest ordered by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

His arrest marks a humiliating decline in Castillo’s short political career. The former teacher and union leader emerged from obscurity to be elected in July 2021 by a narrow margin in a runoff. and he was seen as part of a “pink tide” of new leftist leaders in Latin America.

He ran on a platform that promised to rewrite the constitution and increase wealth redistribution by giving states greater control over markets and natural resources, promises he has struggled to keep amid Peru’s soaring inflation, lack of of political experience and a strong conservative opposition in Congress.

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