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Christmas market crowd rushed after driver threw car into pedestrian zone: UK police say

Three suspects have been arrested after a car allegedly ran over a crowd of Christmas shoppers at a Christmas market in a small town south of Manchester, England.

Hundreds of people were enjoying the Christmas market in the city center of Congleton, England, when a driver of a Volkswagen Golf going around 50 mph pounced on a crowd on a pedestrian street, according to local newspaper StokeonTrentLive.

“Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident,” Cheshire Police said in a statement.

The car allegedly crashed into a pedestrian-only area of ​​Congleton, England.
(Google Maps)

Police said the car was found abandoned and three men were in custody in connection with the incident.

“There was a woman and a child, they were a bit shaken up,” Mandy Neville, who was working in a shop near the market when the incident occurred, told the newspaper. “The woman said that she had hurt her leg. She didn’t know if something had hit her in the leg when the car crashed, but no one was really hurt.”


He added: “We brought the lad here and gave him a drink. He was pretty shaken up. He was just a young lad, I think about 10 years old.”

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