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Twitter is auctioning off office supplies from its headquarters, including a giant

Holiday shopping could be extended another month for Twitter’s biggest fans. In mid-January, the social media giant will auction off some of its surplus office supplies at its San Francisco, California, headquarters, including statues, kitchen items, furniture, and more.

Along with standard office furniture, the auction will include more advanced technology such as smart TVs, mobile media centers, and digital whiteboards, as well as commercial kitchen supplies, including ice makers, a heavy-duty griddle, and espresso machines.

However, some of the more unique items available represent Twitter itself: a Twitter bird statue over 3 feet tall and a massive 6 foot “@” sculpture that currently has artificial plants that can be replaced with live plants. .

A more than 6-foot-tall “@” sculpture of Twitter headquarters is one of many items up for auction in January.

Global Heritage Partners

the auctionOrganized by Heritage Global Partners, it will be available from January 17 at 7 am PST to January 18 at 10 am PST with starting offers ranging from $25 to $50.

It will also come after weeks of chaos at the company since Elon Musk $44 billion acquisition in October. Just last week, it was reported that the company began converting some of its empty headquarters into employee dormitories.

“It’s pretty obvious that they’re sleeping in the office. There’s certainly an expectation given that the beds, the queen-size beds, the mattresses, everything, was brought into Twitter headquarters over the past weekend,” the editor told CBS. Forbes senior Katharine Schwab. Friday news. “And the employees were not informed that this was happening.”

The bedrooms have triggered an investigation by the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, who says the agency needs to “make sure the building is being used as intended.”

The “hardcore culture” put forth by Musk, Schwab said, will likely drive more people off Twitter after the exodus has already occurred. About two-thirds of the company’s staff have been laid off or have resigned so far.

In addition to the behind-the-scenes issues, the platform itself has also seen controversy after controversy, with research showing a rise in hate speech since the Musk takeover and many famous users, such as Elton Johnvowing to leave the platform for fear of misinformation.

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