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Sweden: Chimpanzees euthanized after escaping from zoo enclosure

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Three chimpanzees escaped from their enclosure at a Swedish zoo and roamed freely before being captured and euthanized Wednesday, according to Swedish media.

Annika Troselius, a press spokeswoman for the group that runs the Furuvik Zoo, told the Expressen newspaper that the animals had to be euthanized because there was not enough tranquilizer to go around.

She said that chimpanzees are strong and dangerous animals and that the main focus of the zoo “is that no human being gets hurt.”

Troselius told Swedish radio that a fourth chimpanzee is believed to have left its enclosure, although there were no other immediate details.

It was unclear how the mammals were able to escape their enclosure.

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Furuvik Zoo is located near Gavle, 165 kilometers (100 miles) north of Stockholm, and had seven chimpanzees. It is part of an amusement park. According to the park’s website, it is also the only primate research station in the Nordic countries.

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