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San Diego Zoo welcomes first anteater birth in years

SAN DIEGO (AP) — An anteater cub born at the San Diego Zoo is doing well and developing rapidly, according to wildlife specialists.

The cub was born May 10 and will be nursed by her mother, Zola, for about six months, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance said this week in announcing the first anteater birth at the zoo in nearly four decades. .

“She is very active and was using her sharp claws to dig like an adult anteater, just hours after she was born,” Cari Inserra, lead wildlife care specialist, said in the statement.

The long-eared, hairless pup has tripled her birth weight in just five weeks.

She is yet to be named and will remain out of sight of zoo visitors for about two months while she bonds with her mother.

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“We can’t wait until we can introduce the cub to our zoo visitors, helping them learn more about this remarkable species,” said Inserra.

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