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Roger Federer denied entry to the Wimbledon grounds by an overly eager security guard | CNN


Intransigent Wimbledon Fans know how difficult it can be to enter the grounds of the famous tennis tournament, as spectators often camp out overnight to gain prime position and join a seemingly endless line just for a chance to watch the championships.

so think about Roger Federerthe eight-time tournament winner, whose plans to visit SW19 recently were nearly thwarted by an eager security guard.

The recently retired Swiss great, a 20-time Grand Slam champion and arguably one of the most recognizable names and faces in tennis, found himself in London two weeks ago with a few hours to kill, he told Trevor Noah on The Daily Show on Wednesday. . .

Although he hadn’t told Wimbledon he was in town, Federer decided it would be nice to have tea at the tennis club.

β€œI haven’t really been to Wimbledon when the tournament isn’t running, so I drive to the gate, where the guests usually come in, where you arrive and then you go up,” Federer explained.

“I go out and tell my coach who was with me at the time, Severin [Luthi]I’ll go out quickly and talk to the security lady, I got it,” Federer said, before pausing and adding: “I didn’t get it.

β€œThen I come out and say, ‘Yeah, hi, I was wondering how I can get into Wimbledon. Where is the door? Where is the gate?’” Federer continued. “She [asked]: ‘Do you have a membership card?’ I’m like, ‘Uh, do we have one?’

β€œWhen you win Wimbledon, you automatically become a member,” explained Federer, whose on-court achievements number 103 singles titles, but added that he had lost his membership card.

β€œI tell him normally when I’m here I’m playing and there are a lot of people and I come in a different way and it’s the first time I’ve been here while the tournament isn’t there and I don’t know where to get so I ask you again, where can I enter?’ Federer said.

“She’s like, ‘Okay, aside, but you have to be a member.'”

Even after the embarrassed Federer explained who he was, the 41-year-old was still nowhere close to being allowed inside.

“So I looked at her one last time and now I’m in a panic,” Federer said. β€œI’m so sorry, I still can’t believe I said that, and I still feel bad about it, and I looked at her and said, ‘I’ve won this tournament eight times. Please believe me, I’m a member, where do I get in?’”

Unfortunately, even this didn’t change the guard’s mind, so the defeated tennis great got back in the car and then stopped.

Fortunately, a fan spotted him on the pavement and asked for a selfie, prompting him to be spotted by other security guards and eventually let into the grounds, where he was greeted by the club’s chairman {Ian Hewitt].

Of course, Wimbledon wants it to be known that despite the saga, the door is always open for Federer.

β€œYou are welcome anytime,” the official Wimbledon account responded to the story on Twitter.

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