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Recount confirms Rep. Lauren Boebert narrowly won re-election

Election 2022 Colorado House of Representatives
This combination image shows Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district Adam Frisch and US Representative Lauren Boebert, Republican of Colo.

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denver — An automatic recount confirmed Monday that Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert won her re-election bid against Democrat Adam Frisch. The nail-biting race showed that the renowned conservative’s combative style is tiring voters in her conservative Colorado district.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced the results Monday night. Frisch got a total of four votes in the recount, far from enough to close a gap of more than 500 votes with Boebert. Aspen city councilman, Frisch had already awarded the race last month.

Few expected the race to come down to such a narrow margin. In his first term in office, Boebert rose to national fame for his staunch support of former President Donald Trump, his aggressive use of social media and his willingness to engage in personal disputes with Democratic representatives.

Frisch took issue with what she called his “anger entertainment,” saying he would not endorse US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as party leader and describing himself as a problem solver. nonpartisan.

Few gave him much of a chance in the conservative 3rd Congressional District, which sits alongside some famously liberal ski towns but is dominated by vast, less glamorous and energy-rich rural Colorado.

While Boebert gained widespread notoriety and a place in the so-called “MAGA Squad,” the fact that the race ended in a recount was an indication that the Trump loyalist’s provocative style has its political downsides. Until election night, Boebert had been widely favored to win re-election after redistricting made the sprawling conservative district more Republican.

Her narrow margin against Frisch stunned the political establishment as much as the 2020 Republican primary defeat of a five-term congressman who helped put her in office. Boebert, once the owner of a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, handily carried the district in the 2020 general election and quickly established herself as a partisan flashpoint in Washington.

She filmed an ad of herself strolling the streets of the capital while packing up her gun, pushing to carry it on the floor of the US House of Representatives and picking fights on social media with high-profile liberal Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. and Ilhan Omar. Frisch said early Thursday: “I think 99% of the story is here.”

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