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Drone attack hits Russian Engels airbase for second time in a month

A nightly drone strike on Monday targeted the Engels airbase deep in Russia for the second time this month, killing three servicemen in what appears to be a renewed sign of Ukraine’s readiness to attack far more offensive threats. beyond their border areas.

Russian Telegram channels reported a loud explosion and a fire, while Russian state news agency Ria-Novosti, citing the Defense Ministry, said air defenses shot down a Ukrainian drone headed for the base. The Engels airbase is located about 600 km northeast of the Ukrainian border.

In a symbolic coup, this second long-range attack on one of Russia’s most strategically important bases, home to nuclear-capable bombers, came on the same day that the Russian military celebrated the 107th anniversary of the creation of its airborne units. air defense.

The previous attack occurred on December 5. The New York Times has reported that Ukraine carried out the drone strike and the help of a military reconnaissance unit that coordinated it deep inside Russian territory. Russian authorities claimed that the attack damaged two planes killed three soldiers and wounded four others.

On Monday, locals reported a loud explosion at the same airfield, but the Russian Defense Ministry claimed no significant damage was done to their plane.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for either attack.

“There is absolutely no threat to the residents. Civilian infrastructure facilities were not damaged,” said Roman Busargin, governor of the Saratov region. in a sentence.

“Law enforcement agencies have been investigating the incident at a military installation.”

Busargin also issued a warning about criminal liability for spreading false information and stated that news about the incident published in the media and by citizens will be immediately forwarded to law enforcement.

Engels airfield is a base for Russian strategic bombers used to launch missile strikes against Ukraine. Furthermore, those bombers are also part of Russia’s nuclear triad, as they can carry nuclear warheads.

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