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Winter House’s Ciara And Amanda Confirm Paige And Craig Are Still Together

Her best friends approve! ciara miller Y amanda batula rang out of his friend sip paigeis an affair with winter house co-star craig conover.

Despite some ups and downs in season 2 of the Bravo series, Ciara, 26, told exclusively us weekly that Paige, 30, and Craig, 33, are “so hot” right now.

“Craig was definitely on one the first two weeks,” the nurse said on Thursday, December 15, while promoting winter house. “Annoying all of us, but he just needed time to adjust.”

Ciara noted that the couple were “still so new to their relationship” when they filmed the reality show earlier this year. The designer and the southern charm star were first linked in the spring of 2021, but it wasn’t until the fall of that year that they officially began dating.

Ciara Miller, Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, Craig Conover. Brave (2)

“Now, I feel like they know each other a lot better and are more attuned to what makes each other tick,” he added, noting that Craig and Paige hadn’t spent two straight weeks together as a couple. until they were filming.

Amanda, for her part, noted that the Sewing Down South founder was “able to turn it around” quickly while everyone was vacationing in Vermont.

“She didn’t need to wait to see things air and play out to realize what she did wrong or how she acted might have been inappropriate. Like, in the moment, right before he looked at himself, he was able to control himself,” the 31-year-old creative director of Loverboy said exclusively. U.S. “I think that’s huge and the two of them have only grown since then. Closer and stronger.”

The New Jersey native quipped: “We all have our little bumps in the road, but Craig doesn’t follow them. [my husband] Kyle [Cooke]the steps of [of being a] chaotic boyfriend.”

When it comes to the next steps in their relationship, Amanda said she “can see” Paige moving from New York to Charleston, South Carolina.

“I don’t want to support that movement,” he joked. “I think, you know, she would do great. I think Craig would get lost in the city.”

Ciara echoed Summer house the co-star’s feelings, before admitting that she, too, is rooting for Craig to come to the Big Apple.

“I thought, ‘He needs the tough love of a big city where he’s not a big fish in a small pond,’” the influencer said. U.S. “And I mean that will humiliate itself in that way.”

Amanda, however, is pretty sure it will be the co-host of the “Giggly Squad” podcast that will uproot her life if she and Craig continue to date.

“I feel like Paige will be following in her mom’s footsteps at these amazing dinner parties and platters and all of her Christmas events,” she explained. “I think that’s what Paige wants and she’s going to get it down south.”

While season 2 of winter house is available to stream on Peacock, Summer house will return to Bravo in early 2023.

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