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Viewer’s Choice! Meet America’s Favorite ‘Big Brother’ Player 24

She is America’s choice! Older brother season 24 contestant taylor healthy he won the United States Favorite Player award during the final on Sunday, September 25.

After the jury for season 24, made up of alyssa snider, brittany hoops, indy santos, jasmine davis, kyle capener, Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, Terrance Higgins Y matthew turner — chose personal stylist, 27, as their winner, Julie Chen Moonves announced that she too had won the hearts of America.

Taylor Hale in ‘Big Brother’. CBS

Along with her handsome $750,000 home champ prize, Taylor also walked away with a $50,000 check. Taylor’s victory was historic on two fronts: She is the first black woman to win Older brother in 24 seasons and the first grand prize winner to also score America’s Favorite Player.

“It’s like winning Ms. Congeniality all over again,” Taylor told Chen Moonves on Sunday. “But this time it’s a cash prize.”

Earlier in the episode, viewers watched Taylor compete against her fellow finalists. mount taylor and Turner for a coveted seat in the Final 2 chairs. In the end, it was Monte and Taylor who were left standing after the live portion of the final HOH competition.

Both competitors made their case to the jury, but Taylor won over her former housemates with an empowering speech. “I’m not a victim, I’m a victor,” she said, referring to the personal challenges she faced throughout the season in addition to the physical and mental competencies. “And if there is one word that describes the season, it is resilience. And if you had to ask yourself who was the most resilient person of the season, it was me.”

What Older brother season 4 dropped its numbers earlier this month, CBS announced that fan voting was open to select its AFP pick. Taylor, a fan-favorite guest throughout the season, quickly became a hot topic on social media.

“PLEASE VOTE TAYLOR FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER” sunset sale star Chrishell Stause tweeted on Thursday, September 22, along with a praying hands emoji.

As America supported the Michigan native inside the house, she had been unfairly attacked by several of her fellow guests after seemingly racist microaggressions.

“I have to admit there were definitely some things that I said, as well as other people in the house, that probably shouldn’t have been said.” ameerah jones said exclusively us weekly in July after her eviction, noting that Taylor “didn’t deserve” such hate. “As far as the dogs piling up on her, it was early on. It was because she said a lot of sarcastic things to people, [that] it is how we perceive them. A lot of things were said quietly, and honestly, they weren’t bad enough to deserve that.”

Ameerah, 31, added that the show’s “mob mentality” allowed “small” insights to keep “snowballing” week after week.

Taylor, for her part, refused to let the haters bother her as she continued her quest for the ultimate prize. She even joined forces with Monte, Turner, Kyle, Brittany, Michael, and Joseph to form the “Leftovers” alliance. (The group eventually disbanded after Kyle exposed his secret dynamic during the “Split House” spin to save his show with Alyssa.)

Before Older brother season 24 premiered on July 6, the former pageant queen previewed her game strategy exclusively for U.S.

“[Season 23 and their landmark Cookout alliance were] actually what got me into Big Brother,Taylor said at the time, nothing he expected to model his game strategy after showing female students Danielle Reyes Y Janelle Pierzina. “I’m really obsessed with the women in this game who are bold, brash and just not afraid to go after what they want. … I like that they never sacrificed who they really are and still played a fabulous game.”

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