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Tyler Perry and other stars buy performances of “Ain’t No Mo” to try to save the Broadway show

Tyler Perry becomes a billionaire

Tyler Perry becomes Hollywood’s latest billionaire


Hollywood stars have pitched in to help a new Broadway show that was scheduled to close due to poor ticket sales. Celebrities including Tyler Perry and Shonda Rhimes bought entire performances of “Ain’t No Mo” this week in an effort to extend the show’s run. The plan worked: On Thursday, playwright Jordan E. Cooper announced that “Ain’t No Mo” has been extended through December 23.

Cooper, who also stars in the show, said earlier this week that he received an eviction notice telling him that the construction had to close on December 18. He said that although the show was critically acclaimed, it was difficult to sell tickets and that “traditional Broadway marketing doesn’t work for this kind of show.”

“Not No Mo” it premiered at El Teatro P├║blico on November 9 and then moved to the Teatro Belasco, which has a capacity for about 1,000 spectators. The games website says the 90-minute play “dares to ask the burning question: ‘What if the US government offered black Americans one-way plane tickets to Africa?'” and “will leave you crying with laughter and thinking in tears”.

Cooper began campaigning to save his show on Instagram last week, using the hashtag #SaveAINTNOMO. He said the average ticket price was $50 to make the show accessible to everyone and asked fans who could sponsor someone to do so.

"It's not No Mo'" Broadway opening night
Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade attend Broadway’s ‘Ain’t No Mo’ Opening Night at Belasco Theater on December 1, 2022 in New York City.

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“In the name of art, in the name of resistance, in the name that we belong here too, in the name of all the forefathers of storytelling who graced a Broadway stage or were told they never could, please Please support this production and buy a ticket and come.” have church with us,” she wrote. “The work of radical blacks belongs on Broadway too.”

One day after posting his plea for support, Cooper posted that a celebrity couple stepped up to help out in a big way: Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith bought out an entire performance.

Soon other celebrities joined in. Cooper announced Thursday that filmmaker Tyler Perry has bought more performances; actress Gabrielle Union and her husband, former NBA star Dwyane Wade; producer and director Shonda Rhimes; and actress Sara Ramierz.

Other celebrities are supporting the show in different ways: writer-actress Lena Waithe hosted a talk after the December 13 performance and RuPaul hosted the December 15 performance.

Now, thanks to the efforts of “some MIGHTY MIGHTY warriors,” as Cooper put it, the show isn’t closing this weekend after all and has been extended to December 23rd.

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