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Survivor’s Malcolm Freberg Discusses $100K Winning on ‘Snake in the Grass’

Three times Survivor player malcolm freeberg took home $100,000 after cheating on fellow reality stars on USA Network’s newest series snake in the grass.

us weekly talked to Malcolm and his co-stars – mate Survivor students earl cole Y yul-kwonin addition to naked and scared star jeff zauch – about the premiere episode and how he evaded suspicion. It helped that one of the clues specifically pointed to Yul and his profession as a lawyer.

“If we had talked and realized that these clues pointed to people other than the snake (they’re not literal in meaning), then Yul and I would have said, ‘Okay, it’s Malcolm or Earl,’ and I think we would have had it,” says Jeff U.S. “I trusted Earl.”

Jeff Zausch, Yul Kwon, Malcolm Freberg and Earl Cole in ‘Snake in the Grass’. Chase Bjornson/USA Network

Yul also trusted Earl as they had known each other for ages. Survivor circles, but that didn’t exactly play to his advantage. “I also thought with Earl, because he’s a serious guy, he played with a lot of integrity, he would probably be the perfect snake,” Yul explains. “They would probably want to have someone like him. I think somehow the fact that we met also hurt us because there was an assumption of mutual trust. I just thought that Earl would generally believe me when he kept saying I’m not the snake, and when I finally realized that he didn’t really believe me, it was almost too late.”

In fact, Malcolm cheated on the boys so much that Jeff originally thought he was a team member, not a contestant, on the show. “This guy was like shit the night before the challenge,” he says of the night before the shoot. “He showed up, one in the morning, in the helicopter, I looked and this guy looks like s**t. …She’s puking his guts out. And I think the production just hired a bum to help us with the helicopter.

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Chase Bjornson/USA Network

The California native admits he “put a bottle of rum to his face” before he showed up.

In the end, the boys still give him their props. “Malcolm, he played an amazing game,” says Jeff. “He deserves the money for what he was able to do.”

Earl agrees, and Yul adds, “You played a brilliant game.”

snake in the grass airs on USA Network every Monday beginning August 1 at 11 pm ET/PT.

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