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Southern Charm’s Landon says his departure is ‘1,000 percent’ Kathryn’s fault

Without beating around the bush! landon clementes he has a lot to say about his ex southern charm co-star kathryn dennis – especially when it comes to the role he played in multiple co-star outings.

The 40-year-old reality star exclusively told us weekly on Thursday, June 30, that many of the former stars of the show “1,000 Percent” left due to the drama of Dennis. “There’s no doubt about that. I certainly did,” Clements revealed.

the georgian nativewho starred in the series Bravo from 2015 to 2017, explained that 30-year-old Kathryn has a way of making it all about her, no matter the situation.

“It’s just, again, this whole, you know, single mom thing. She just manipulates everything into whatever it is that she needs at the time,” Landon said. “The way she treats people, she is not how I treat people. It was too much negativity.”

The real estate agent recalled how Kathryn allegedly spread the rumor that Cameran Eubanks‘ husband, Jason Wimberly, had a mistress in May 2020, and how Cameran, 38, walked off the show that same month. (Cameran, who was an original cast member, denied the cheating rumors at the time, stating that her departure was decided before the news broke.)

Landon Clements and Kathryn Dennis. Lisa O’Connor/Shutterstock; Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

“It’s deplorable and, you know, I don’t support or encourage it,” explained Landon, who previously called out Kathryn for her alleged involvement in the scandal. “I don’t like to hide behind the fact [that], ‘Well, I’m a mother.’ And that? That means you have to be an extra good person and put in the effort to get things done. [better]you know?”

The California resident noted that while she hasn’t seen Kathryn “in years,” she will “somehow always have an affair” with the host of the “Katching Up With Kathryn” podcast through her show’s connection.

During season 2 to 4 of southern charmLandon and Kathryn clashed for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which was Thomas Ravenel.

In the midst of Kathryn’s second pregnancy, sharing daughter Kensie, 8, and son Saint, 6, with the former politician, which unfolded during season 3, things came to a head when Kathryn thought that Landon wanted to go out with Thomas, who is now 59 years old. Landon, however, claimed that she only dated Thomas on the show because others were pushing them to be together.

“I hate that [Kathryn] I tried to manipulate that Thomas and I were having an affair. To this day, Thomas and I have never had any kind of relationship other than a friendship,” Landon said. U.S Thursday. “That also destroyed our friendship. I didn’t even feel comfortable, like, being in his presence.”

She further explained that she thinks of the former South Carolina treasurer as “kind of a wayward cousin,” adding that she still has “love” for the children and for him.

Throughout her issues with the former partner, Landon decided to “put my energy into myself and build my career and make things happen for me and just put all of that behind me.”

Looking back, he said: “I pray that Kathryn finds love in her heart for herself.”

When it comes to her dynamic forward, the southern belle isn’t trying to patch things up with Kathryn. “She will never be friends with me, but I hope she finds peace for herself so she can be the best mother she can be,” Landon said. U.S.

The former interior designer, however, has fond memories of her time in southern charmespecially when it came to the rest of the cast.

“Of course [I] I miss going out with my friends and being with them all the time, but I don’t miss the negativity that came with it.” “There’s a lot of things that you can’t control or things that you don’t agree with, but I mean, I also think that’s just life in general.”

Landon, who has been dividing his time between California and Charlestonconcluded: “I will be eternally grateful for southern charm. It came to me at a time in my life where I really needed, you know, my friends. And to come home and have something exciting and work, all of that.”

southern charms airs Thursdays on Bravo at 9 pm ET.

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