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Southern Charm Cam: Finale Drama ‘Dramatically Changed’ Cast Friendships

Coming true! Lev Bonaparte he’s not on the best of terms with all of her southern charm co-stars after the explosive season 8 finale.

“[That evening] it drastically changed our friendship,” Leva, 43, told Exclusively. us weekly about his big fight with craig conoverwhich aired on Thursday, September 29. “It drastically changed my friendship with Craig and a lot of the cast members, right away.”

During Thursday’s finale of the Bravo series, Leva hit her breaking point with Craig, and several other castmates, while attending the Sewing Down South Christmas party.

Lev Bonaparte and Austen Kroll. Paul Cheney/Bravo

The Republic co-owner showed her frustration at Craig, 33, after learning he banished his ex-girlfriend. Naomi Olindo to a table without a cast for your event. “I literally can’t [do this] never again,” Leva told Naomie, 30, at dinner.

“I don’t even know why I’m friends with some people,” she added, apparently referring to Craig and his team. “So fucking toxic.” Leva previously expressed her issues with the Delaware native after she called Naomie her “crazy ex-girlfriend” at her Friendsgiving.

“Throughout the season, [you could see] that Craig has been talking in a really aggressive way, like, [there’s] just a lot of emotion. He’s kind of unable to navigate on his own,” he explained to U.S this month. “Obviously I’m innately protective of Naomie. she is like a little sister [to me] and he’s like a little brother, you know?

Leva noted that Craig has “great feelings”, but confessed that he needs to have better “boundaries” when talking to others, especially her and Naomie.

“I don’t like being yelled at either and I don’t think Naomie likes that either,” she said. Southern Charm: Land of Leva the star continued. “I don’t let my husband talk to me like that, [and I’m] I’m sure I’m not going to let Craig talk to me like that.

Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte Says Final Fight 'Dramatically Changed' Friendships With 'Southern Charm' Cast

Lev Bonaparte Courtesy of Lev Bonaparte/Instagram

Things escalated during the finale when Craig overheard Leva chatting with some of her co-workers from Sewing Down South, many of whom she’s known for years. the pillow talk The author crossed a line in Leva’s eyes when he yelled at her and eventually tried to kick her out of the event.

“I was really just going there to have my own conversation and say, ‘You know, I love you guys so much. I don’t know what’s going on tonight… what is it [going on] Between me and Craig it’s not, don’t take it personally,’” she recalled. U.S about the incident. “I don’t know how that turned into something else, but it did.”

When the two came face to face, Leva explained that Craig’s response was “not right” with her. In the midst of the fight, the restaurateur recalled seeing some of her co-stars adding fuel to the fire, which is why she unfollowed many co-stars on social media in December 2021.

“I have lost respect for some of the people who were crowding, particularly the women. I’m not one to yell at women, I just don’t. So the ones that supported him and, like, clapped and stuff, I unfollowed those girls,” Leva said. U.S. “And so Austen [Kroll] I didn’t clap, but I was disappointed because I feel Austen could have upset him and didn’t. He was silent.

The Bourbon N’ Bubbles co-owner revealed that not all of her friends were affected by the party drama, pointing to Naomie, Olivia Flowers, taylor ann green Y pink sheep like being among his allies. “I think everyone has my back,” she said.

Southern Charm's Taylor Reunion Revealed
Heidi Gutman/Bravo

When it comes to Craig specifically, the Indian native said U.S that the ending “really changed the nature of the friendship”. Leva teased that fans will have to watch the season 8 reunion next month to see just how broken the dynamic between her and Craig has become.

She added that while she “supported Craig when he wasn’t supporting himself” and “really loves that kid,” she felt disrespected at the Christmas party. Leva concluded that the “meeting is very, very raw” and has “a lot of crying”.

southern charm’The Season 8 two-part reunion airs on Bravo Thursday, October 6 at 9 pm ET and Thursday, October 13 at 9 pm ET.

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