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Prince Harry: Meghan Markle ‘has no father’ because of me

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Blaming himself. prince harry admitted that he feels he is the reason why Meghan Markle He no longer has a relationship with his father. Thomas Markle.

“Of course, it is incredibly sad what happened. I had a father before this,” Harry, 38, explained during the Netflix docuseries with Meghan, which began airing on Thursday, December 8.

In the third episode, the Duke of Sussex recalled how his relationship with Meghan, 41, caused a rift between her and her father. Thomas, 78, made headlines ahead of the couple’s May 2018 wedding when he was caught staging paparazzi photos.

“Now she doesn’t have a father. I charged with it. Because if Meg wasn’t with me, then her dad would still be her dad,” Harry explained, referring to the photo scandal. “It’s amazing what people would do when they were offered a huge amount of money. Fifty thousand, one hundred thousand, to deliver photographs, to create a story. And thank God the majority said no.

Megan’s mother doria ragland, also intervened in the public drama of her ex-husband. (The Duchess of Sussex’s parents were married from 1979 to 1987.)

“It saddened me that the media ran with this. That it would capitalize…”, said the social worker, 66, during the docuseries. “Certainly, as a parent, that’s not what you do. That’s not being a parent.”

After Thomas originally made headlines in 2018, he ultimately did not attend his daughter’s wedding. Days before the ceremony, he announced that he could not fly after suffering a heart attack, which caused King Charles III to walk the former actress down the aisle. Ragland, for her father, attended alone.

Following Harry and Meghan’s move to the United States, the Suits schoolgirl noted she “lost” her father after becoming a royal In his March 2021 CBS In a revealing interview, Meghan said Thomas’ inability to tell her the truth about the paparazzi photos caused big problems between them.

“That, for me, has really resonated, especially now as a mom,” the California native, who shares 3-year-old son Archie and 18-month-old daughter Lili with Harry, said at the time. “And also me saying full stop: ‘If we use this to protect you, one day we won’t be able to protect our own children, well, I’m talking about your grandchildren.'”

Prince Harry blames himself for Meghan Markle and Thomas Markle's rift: she 'has no father'

Thomas Markle Mr. The Sun/MEGA

He added: “I look [my son] Archie, I think about this child and… I genuinely cannot imagine myself doing anything to intentionally cause my son pain. I can’t imagine it. So it’s hard for me to reconcile that.”

Meanwhile, Thomas claimed that he apologized “at least 100 times or so” for the incident. “The bottom line is that I have never heard from Meghan or Harry in any way, shape or form,” he said. good morning great britain that same month. “I would love to hear from them.”

According to the former cinematographer, he had an unsuccessful conversation with his daughter’s now husband. “Last time we talked, we didn’t actually talk, we actually texted, he was lying in a hospital bed after having a heart attack,” he continued. “I had to tell them that he couldn’t go to the wedding [in May 2018]. At that point, we had practically said goodbye to each other.”

Thomas concluded: “Harry had said to me at the time, ‘If you’d listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened to you.’ And me, laying in a hospital bed after I had a procedure and they put a stent here and another stent here, I felt like that was a little runny, so I hung up on it. And that was the last conversation we had.”

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