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Prince Harry: I’ll never get a ‘genuine apology’ from William and Charles

Prince William and Prince Harry attend Her Majesty The Queen’s state funeral, September 2022. Justin Setterfield/Pool/Shutterstock

Without holding your breath. prince harry i’m not sure what prince william either King Charles III will they ever admit their part in the family divide.

During the second part of Harry’s docuseries with Meghan Marklewhich began airing on Thursday, December 15, the 38-year-old UK native recalled coming face-to-face with his brother, 40, and father, 74, at Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. .

“It was difficult. Especially spending time, having talks with my brother and my father. [They] they were very focused on the same misinterpretation of the whole situation,” he explained, referring to his and Meghan’s actual exit the previous year. “None of us really wanted to have to talk about it at my grandfather’s funeral, but we did.”

The Duke of Sussex noted that he doesn’t think William and Charles are adequately addressing their issues, adding: “I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that we’ll probably never get genuine accountability or a genuine apology. My wife and I keep going. We are focused on what comes next.”

Later, in episode six, Harry reflected on the parts of his life that he had to leave behind after moving to California.

“I miss the weird family gatherings when we are all together under one roof at certain times of the year, I miss that. Being part of the institution meant I was in the UK, so I miss the UK, I miss my friends,” he shared. “I have also lost some friends in this process.”

BetterUp’s CIO continued, “I mean, I came here because I was traded. I changed to the point that I had outgrown my surroundings. Therefore, this was the most obvious place to come. You know, it’s one of the places where I think my mom would probably end up living potentially.”

According to Harry, he has tried to refocus his attention on his future. “There are times where I’ve been angry, but I can’t be that angry because I really feel like we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. We’ve come to the other side,” said Harry, who shares 3-year-old son Archie and 18-month-old daughter Lili with 41-year-old Meghan.

Prince Harry doesn't think he'll ever get a 'genuine apology' from Prince William and King Charles III: 'Focused on same white hat misinterpretation'

Prince William, King Charles III and Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, September 2022. Stephen Lock/Pool/Shutterstock

The former actress, for her part, praised the couple’s decision to step away from the royal family for their own well-being, saying: “It’s amazing how things come full circle that you never think about.”

While filming the docuseries, Harry discussed his family’s initial reaction to his decision to step back. “It was terrifying to see my brother yell at me and yell at me and my father say things that just weren’t true,” he said in episode five before addressing the fallout with his brother. “I mean, the saddest part was this rift created between me and my brother, so he’s now siding with the institution.”

Harry concluded: “Part of it, I get it. I understand, right? That is his inheritance. So, to some degree, it’s already ingrained in him that part of his responsibility is the survival and continuation of this institution.”

The palace has yet to publicly address Harry and Meghan’s claims.

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