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Post-credits clip! Pete jokes about Kim’s vagina on ‘The Kardashians’

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. AFF-USA/Shutterstock

Getting closer to his first official appearance! Fans who stayed after the credits during the Thursday, June 16 episode of The Kardashians take a look to pete davidson Y Kim KardashianThe playful relationship of .

“Pete, come here, you have to meet Paxy. Paxy has worked with me as audio [for] 14 years since keeping up with the Kardashians. She knows everything about me. She’s probably seen my vagina,” Kim, 41, said in the confessional during the season 1 part one finale.

the saturday night live alum, 28, chimed in off-camera, asking, “More than me?”

The Skims founder smiled. “No more than you,” she said. “But you’ve probably seen it.”

When Paxy responded that she doesn’t think she’s seen the reality star’s naked body parts, Kim joked, “Haven’t you seen my vagina? We will get there, it takes time to warm up to see my vagina. But you could search on the Internet.”

Pete, who has been dating Kim since October 2021, has not officially appeared on screen for the Hulu show. However, his voice has been heard when he calls his girlfriend while she is filming. Kim also started talking about her relationship, which came months after she filed for divorce from kanye-westin the series.

“Pete has to be literally the best human being I have ever met. Like, the best heart. People will always say, ‘Oh, he’s so funny and he has to do with how funny he is.’ And that’s, like, fourth on my list of why I like her,” he said during the June 2 episode. “He always wants the best for people, he can handle anything and he always does it with grace. He is very, very considerate, humble and very genuine. I’d say the perfect word to describe Pete is genuine.”

During Thursday’s episode, scott disick Y khloe kardashian got excited about it King of Staten Island star too.

“Kim found a guy who is a great guy. She is so sweet,” Scott, 39, said. “[He] so long ago… He’s just a great person. He shows that she cares about people’s feelings.”

Khloé, 37, agreed. “I don’t know him very, very well, but from what I know, I think he’s really drama-free, he’s very easy. And I think that’s the ultimate goal,” he said. “Everyone wants that fairy tale, everyone wants happily ever after. I think that’s the hope. Love shouldn’t be so hard.

The Kardashians It is expected to return to Hulu for new episodes later this year.

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