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Pete Davidson is ready for fatherhood.

The comedian has admitted in a new interview Kevin Hart that he dreams of becoming a father.

“[I’m definitely a family-oriented guy. The most memorable thing I’ve ever done that I’ve yet to accomplish, is that I would like to have a child,” said in a glimpse into the Peacock song “Hart to Heart” on Tuesday.

“That’s similar to my ideal,” the 28-year-old boyfriend of Kim Kardashian added.

When Davidson began to justify his actions by saying it was “super and corny” Hart jumped in and said “it’s not really corny, it’s the most God-fearing way to live your your life.”

In a calm tone, Davidson continued, saying that fatherhood could “just be so much fun” and is able to use it as a means to grow as a person.

“I’m super excited for this chapter, so this is the thing I’m working on in the moment. Try to be as an excellent guy as I can, and to develop and grow to ensure that when it happens, it’s simpler.”

The comedians also spoke about how their own experiences with childhood trauma as young children affected their lives. They frequently used comedy as a method of therapy.

“I inform my friends every day and I’m always thinking “if everything was perfect and my childhood was good, I’d become a construction worker on Staten Island,” Davidson laughed. “I’d be the most joyful person in the world, however that wacky effect it has on you is what made me fall in love with comedy.”

Davidson lost his father, a firefighter, in the September. 11. terrorist attacks, when at just seven years old. young. He has spoken out about his depression and attempted suicide after drowning when he was nine.

Even though the “SNL” actor’s love of comedy came from a place of suffering and hurt, it also brought him closer to his girlfriend Kardashian.

The couple has been in a relationship since she was the host of the sketch show that aired in the month of October 2021. The comedian is enjoying more of her children who she shares with her former husband Kanye West. Davidson even went so in the direction of tattooing his initials Kardashian and her children, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm on his neck.While they’re not looking to have a child that is themselves, the sexy relationship could accelerate the process.

Pete Davidson Says He’s “So Excited” to have Kids

Pete Davidson’s dream job could not be the one you’d like to see.

“My absolute favorite thing in the world and something I’m still trying to attain, is that I would like to have a baby,” the 28-year-old told host Kevin Hart in a sneak glimpse from Peacock’s Hart to Heart season two. “That’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to be.”

Looking forward to “that phase” of his life, Pete –who is still going strong with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian ever since the beginning of November 2021 – said, “That’s kind of what I’m preparing now and trying to be the best a guy and to develop and improve, so that when it does it’s a lot more simple.”

Pete’s desire to become fatherhood is bittersweet since the father he had lost, Scott Davidson, at an early age, during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. “My early years were not the best,” The King of Staten Island star recalled. “Dad died early, I had a single mommy [Amy Waters Davidsonand her new baby sister [CaseyDavidson] did not do well–my sister was about three years old. This was like a complete nightmare.”

Like many comedians, including Hart, Pete discovered how to turn his pain into laughter through stand-up comedy. He claimed his family was extremely welcoming when he first started out.

“I’m thinking, ‘If I had a childhood was perfect I’d become a construction worker on Staten Island and be the most happy person ever”” Pete told Kevin. “But the weird thing it gives you has made me fall in love with comedy.”

Do you think that baby boys will be coming to Pete as well as Kim in the near future? Although we can’t be sure whether it’s true, Pete might already be practicing parenting because of Kim as well as Kanye West’s children: North 9 Saint Chicago, 6 Chicago 4 and Psalm West, three.

It’s also possible that his latest tattoo was inspired by her kids since he tattooed the letter “knscp” on the collarbone of his body, over the “Jasmine” along with the “Aladdin” tattoos for Kim.

Watch the entire video above.

Hart to Heart season two premieres on July 14 on Peacock.

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