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How Kendrick Sampson, Shay Mitchell Teamed Up on ‘Something From Tiffany’s Set’

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Backstage fun! kendrick sampson revealed how he and his something from tiffany’s co-star Shay Mitchell united on set

“[With] Shay, it was always about the food. We are big foodies,” the Vampire Diaries alum, 34, said exclusively us weekly while promoting the Prime Video film last month. “Wherever food is, we look around for restaurants and think, ‘What can we get for snacks?’”

The Texas native continued: “At one point, I think Shay told me about this Jamaican restaurant around the corner. And I was like, ‘Okay, well, it’s time for empanadas. So, we have empanadas for everyone”.

Sampson said that her dynamic with all of her stage partners, including zoey deutch and Leah Jeffries, who play his love interest and daughter, respectively, was playful.

“It was party time. It was fun times, she was laughing, her gut was rupturing a lot, my cheeks were sore and she was eating a lot,” she shared, adding that he had a blast with Zoey.

In the romantic comedy, which opens Friday, December 9, Sampson’s character, Ethan, buys a Tiffany engagement ring for his girlfriend, Vanessa (Mitchell), but soon discovers that he left the store with the wrong box. Meanwhile, Gary (Ray Nicholson) thinks he’s giving his girlfriend Rachel (Deutch) a pair of earrings, only to accidentally give her the diamond band.

Kendrick Sampson reveals how he and Shay Mitchell bonded while filming 'Something From Tiffany's'

“Something from Tiffany’s” Erin Simkin/Amazon

Samson said U.S that the film asks its viewers to consider “all those questions that people will start to think about during cuddle season, including “How do you find the person you’re meant to be with?” and “Are you [really] Was he meant to be with them?

In terms of preparing for his role, the Insecure The actor shared that he likes to think of each character he plays in terms of his star sign, and he has Ethan pegged as a Libra.

“[Libras] They can please people to the point of wanting to please people so much that sometimes they bend the truth or sacrifice certain things to make sure that people are happy and that there is no conflict,” he explained. “And that’s how Ethan is. Ethan runs around trying to please everyone and then realizes that’s not the healthiest way to be.”

Reese witherspoon he served as co-executive producer of the film along with Sampson’s co-star Deutch, 28.

“She’s amazing” Before I fall actress said of Witherspoon, 46, while promoting something from tiffany’s during an appearance on Thursday, December 1 at Jimmy Kimmel live. “About four years ago, he tweeted that he saw a movie I made called Set it up and she loved it and wondered why there weren’t more feel-good romance movies. And a couple of years later, here we are.

Sampson previously said that he and the Not well star pulled off her first chemistry test for the film, forming a connection early on.

“There was no need for an icebreaker, which was great,” he said. Movie film on Tuesday, December 6. “We had chemistry on Zoom…and we didn’t have to try.”

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something from tiffany’s premieres on Prime Video on Friday, December 9.

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