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Glen Powell Reveals Tom Cruise’s Advice About ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

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Learning from a professional As he reflected on his Top Gun: Maverick role, glen powell accredited tom cruise for helping elevate his performance as Jake “Hangman” Seresin.

During variety “Actors on Actors,” which was published on Tuesday, December 13, Powell, 34, opened up to Kate Hudson about advice he got from Cruise, 60, about pasting the landing on screen.

“Sometimes you can fall into the trap of wanting to please the camera,” the Texas native shared. “And in a movie like this, where you know there’s going to be a lot of eyes on her, you don’t want to be Draco Malfoy.”

Glen Powell Reveals the Advice Tom Cruise Gave Him While Filming Top Gun Maverick 3

Glen Powell in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ paramount images

According to Powell, Cruise suggested that he lean towards being the film’s anti-hero. “For the ending to work, you have to fully lean into it. Everyone else in the movie questions his own ability,” the actor recalled that he heard from his co-star. “You’re the only guy who doesn’t question it. So if there’s any kind of apology in what you’re saying, the movie doesn’t work. Lean on the bullshit of it all.”

Powell later joked that he keeps “getting cast like an idiot” in projects, adding: “Even what I did with [Oliver Hudson, Kate’s brother] in scream queenswhere I’m a super jerk.”

Earlier this year, the Set it up star appeared in Top Gun: Maverick next to cruise, mileage counter, kilmer valley, jennifer connelly Y jonhamm. Powell also worked on the aviation movie titled Devotionthat included jonathan older, daren kagasoff Y Joe Jonas.

the scream queens the alumnus praised Cruise for his support when it came to both efforts.

“I found that [Devotion] book and I developed it for five years, so when I missed out on the role of Rooster, the conversation I had with Tom was, ‘Hey, I didn’t get this part, but I actually have a naval aviation movie that I’ve been developing. Maybe that’s just what I’m going to do,’” he shared Tuesday. “And he convinced me that there is room for two. And I’m very happy, because everything I learned in Top Gun was infused into Devotion.”

Glen Powell Reveals Advice Tom Cruise Gave Him While Filming Top Gun Maverick 2

Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ paramount images

Powell previously offered a glimpse into the filming process for Top Gun: Maverick – including the iconic soccer scene.

“I remember having to guard Tom during the beach soccer scene and I was blown away,” he explained to men’s diary in June. “I like to think I’m pretty fast, but Tom is so fast. The fact that he’s approaching 60 and running on the beach is insane. I mean, it doesn’t really make much sense.”

He continued, “So when he talks about how he works out and how he eats, of course I will listen to him. The truth is that he has tremendous discipline in all aspects of his life. He is disciplined in how he treats his body and what he puts into his body. The principles of Tom’s diet, consisting of lots of lean fish and vegetables, make a lot of sense to me. And I don’t think there’s ever been a day where he didn’t exercise.”

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