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Ciara Rates Austen’s Friendship ‘1 Out Of 10’ After ‘Winter House’ Season 2

Boy, bye! ciara miller revealed where she and austen kroll support after season 2 of winter house – and why she is saying “hello and bye” to him.

“I will rate the trip [as] a total, like, nine out of 10,” Ciara, 26, said exclusively us weekly on Thursday, December 15, while promoting winter house. “I’ll rate myself and Austen as one out of 10.”

The former nurse explained that she is “glad he thinks so highly of us,” referring to Austen rating the Vermont getaway with her “a 10 out of 10.”

Ciara began a holiday romance with the southern charm star, 35, during season 1 of winter housewhich was filmed in early 2021. When Austen visited the Hamptons in season 6 of Summer house later that year, their dynamic changed.

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The “Pillows and Beer” podcast co-host made out with lindsay hubbard on the show after flirting with Ciara and leading her to believe they were still an item. During season 2 of winter housewhich premiered in October, Austen apologized for her past actions, but the New York resident made it clear that she was no longer allowed to occupy a space in her world.

“The distance is still there. I’m still ‘hello and bye,’ and I think that’s the extent of our relationship,” Ciara said. U.S of the current state of the couple. “I really don’t feel like we’ll probably ever be in a relationship. Personally, for me, I don’t trust him.”

The influencer added: “I think he’s a good guy and he’s great for someone and I really wish him the best. I just… I don’t need him in my life. And you know, unfortunately, I feel like the bridge has already burned down.”

amanda batula weighed in on the Ciara and Austen drama, saying U.S on Thursday that she thought her friend was “cool” when she told her truth to the brewer on the show.

“I wish I had that, like the confidence and the ability to communicate like she did and really put it out there and set those boundaries,” the 31-year-old Loverboy creative director explained. “I think she was right in everything she said. Austen just needs to grow up. She is capable, but not right now.”

Ciara agreed with Amanda’s assessment of the Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder, adding that Austen “has great moments,” but they are few and far between.

“When we really get along, he’s great,” she revealed. “But the other side of the coin is not pretty and I will not be there for that.”

The TV personality noted that she saw Austen at BravoCon in October and that it was “no problem,” but that doesn’t mean they’ll be close again.

“We had the winter house premiere party [before] BravoCon [and then I] I saw him a couple of weeks ago in the city [at]like, a restaurant opening and we can be together,” Ciara said. U.S. “I personally don’t need to catch up [at events]but that’s a bit [when we interact]. And I think that’s okay. It’s evolved that way and I don’t hate it. I do not have [a] disgust for him. I just, you know, liked myself a lot more.”

After her separation from Ciara, Austen began to see olivia flowers in late 2021. The couple’s romance was shown on season 8 of southern charmwhich ended in the fall of 2022. During the October reunion special, Olivia, 30, confirmed that she and Austen had called it quits.

winter house airs on Bravo Thursdays at 8 pm ET.

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