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Cam Bonaparte: ‘Southern Charm’ stars weren’t ‘thrilled’ about my new show

To bite your tongue? Cam Bonaparte hinted that not everyone in southern charm she was excited for her spinoff series, southern hospitality – but some make cameo appearances.

“I definitely think there were, at times, people who were maybe not very excited,” Leva, 43, said exclusively. us weekly while promoting her new show, which premieres on Monday, November 28. “Everyone has congratulated me, the majority, I mean, to date.”

the Bourbon N’ Bubbles co-founder explained that when it comes to craig conoverwho did he feud with in season 8 of southern charmhe too has taken the high road.

“Craig just congratulated me recently,” he said. U.S. “I saw it on a green screen, [he] he was very nice about it. So, she definitely came. [around].”

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Leva said she and the 33-year-old Sewing Down South founder have “made peace” since they got into a shouting match on the show’s finale, which aired in September.

Meanwhile, the restaurateur has been busy focusing on her many businesses and filming season 1 of southern hospitality – that she joked will have some southern charm favorites

“You will see a lot of them make cameo appearances on the show. But I definitely think there were some misleading sentiments. Rightly so,” Leva explained. “I want to say that some of these people have been in the business for several years and I can see that that is complicated.”

Mesu’s co-owner added: “Humans are humans and things get complicated. But I think we’ve all moved on and I think everyone’s behind us. Which I feel anyway… unless I see them and other things happen, I feel like everyone is rooting for me right now.”

The Charleston resident, who joined southern charm As a full-time cast member for season 8 after appearing on and off the reality show for years, she confessed that she thinks her friends are “cheering up” to make the show successful.

“I think they understand that this is very different than southern charm. is not taking charge southern charmHe’s not doing any of that,” he said. U.S. “Just a very different aspect of Charleston.”

Cam Bonaparte: 'Southern Charm' stars weren't 'super excited' about new show
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Leva further explained that fans will see “a completely different side” of her and the southern city.

“I’m really excited for viewers to have a little bit of fun,” she said of the spin-off, which will focus on her club Republic Garden & Lounge and the young staff who work there. “I’m so excited that people are laughing and crying and getting confused and maybe wanting to come visit Charleston. I don’t think anyone has gotten a glimpse of nightclub life. This is a very chaotic business. This is a highly responsible business.”

The businesswoman also teased that Bravo viewers will see her marriage better with Lamar Bonapartewith whom he shares a 4-year-old son, Lamar Jr.

“We definitely hesitate and we don’t just doubt because, ‘Oh, I’m worried.’ I think we’re kind of boring,” she said. U.S. “You might see us arguing a bit. We don’t necessarily agree on almost anything except that we love each other. We are definitely a cat and dog in the business. Just very different.

Leva confessed: “There is a fight behind everything. So, you’ll see it kind of intervene a little bit. She is very mom and pop here. … I just hope the viewer takes everything with a grain of salt and just enjoys it and knows that at the end of the day it’s one big family here.”

southern hospitality premieres on Bravo on Monday, November 28 at 9 pm ET.

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