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Big Brother’s Claire and Derek X Reveal Their Season 24 Winning Picks

Old jury giving an opinion! Older brother students Claire Rehfuss Y derek xiao gave exclusively us weekly your thoughts on season 24 as the finale nears.

“It’s very interesting now to have been on the jury,” Rehfuss, 26, said. U.S on Tuesday, September 20. “You really don’t know how the jury is going to act or what they care about until you get to the end.”

The New York native, who placed eighth during the 23rd season of the CBS series last year, revealed who she’s rooting for to take home the $750,000 grand prize.

“Obviously I’m pulling for Taylor [Hale] 100 percent here. I’m really nervous. I don’t know if she can get a good grip on it at the end,” she said. “Once she gets to the final three, it’s just about whether you can win the competitions, basically.”

Xiao, 25, for his part, admitted that he has not kept up Older brother so much this season, apart from when he hears “Claire screaming from the living room.” The duo met while participating in the reality competition last summer. Although they were only friends while invited, they formed a romantic connection on the jury.

Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao. Courtesy Derek Xiao/Instagram

“I definitely liked Claire in the house,” Xiao said exclusively. U.S in October 2021. “I knew from the first week that Claire was my type, but I don’t know. I guess I never allowed myself to explore that beyond a simple friendship.”

Despite not being fully involved in the season, the Maryland native said U.S that he was partial to Michael Bruner before his eviction earlier this month.

“I was supporting Michael for sure when he was winning all the competitions. … I know how hard it is to win the game if you’re winning competitions because you just start putting a target on your back,” he said. “I was pretty upset when they took it out.”

The product manager became the second member of the jury last season after sarah beth steagall orchestrated a plan to deceive him during his reign as head of the family. He had two veto wins and a HOH under his belt at the time of his eviction.

Although victory was not in the cards for the couple in Older brotherhave now teamed up to compete in season 34 of the amazing race.

“Her parents gave us, like, a whole an amazing race bootcamp,” said Xiao exclusively U.S about what he and Rehfuss did to prepare. “They taught us to operate the gear lever. We had a rented car. They would literally blindfold us, put us in the back of their truck, take us to a random place, and then give us a map and say, ‘Okay, now you need to go home.’”

The AI ​​engineer, for her part, shared that she “made a very long prep list” before her cohort revealed she was leaving to appear on The challenge: the United States. He was eliminated in the sixth episode of the CBS series along with island of love alum Shannon St Clair.

Despite the hiccup in their training, the couple used the month between the two reality shows as “a full crash course.”

the amazing race premieres on CBS and Paramount+ on Wednesday, September 21 at 10 pm ET on CBS and Paramount+.

With information from Sharon Tharp.

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