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BB24’s Joseph: I’m ‘navigating’ post-game relationships, rooting for Taylor

Joseph Abdin just been out of Older brother world for less than a week, and while he’s being inundated with questions about the experience, he hopes fans can understand that he’s focusing on himself and supporting the winner. taylor healthy before delving into everything that happened this summer.

The lawyer, 25, who is taking their relationship, which fans affectionately call “Jaylor,” “day by day,” has previously said. U.S in a joint interview, he wants to rewatch the season before jumping to conclusions about his fellow guests.

“I definitely feel like it’s a complex situation to navigate, trying to prioritize myself in the sense that I feel like decompression and prioritizing my mental health is the first thing I want to do,” she says exclusively. us weekly. “I don’t think that requires me to immediately dive into what happened this season. Many people have been extremely respectful of my privacy and opinion in handling the situation. So currently I’ve just tried to take the approach where I’m decompressing and focusing on myself.”

Courtesy of Joseph Abdin

He adds, “I’m a loving person, so I try to keep that joy and positivity as long as I can. I’m still navigating the game, what happened, the whole picture, and I’m trying to stay positive.”

The Florida native has only seen the premiere and finale episodes, which he admits don’t “give much insight into everything that’s happened this season.” And while he plans to watch the entirety of season 24 with Taylor, 27, by his side, he doesn’t feel the need to rush, saying U.S“I’m taking my time to really be able to digest why things happen, how things happened and take an educated approach to things that I want to say and how I want to handle the situation.”

Of course, social media has provided plenty of clips and “receipts” about what happened, specifically the racism and bullying the former pageant queen had to endure. “I have been told or heard certain things that could be concerning,” she explains. “And until he decides, and Taylor seems to share the sentiment with me, I want to be fully informed about what happened and how it happened and [until] I’m in the right headspace to take it in and act appropriately.”

Big Brother 24s Taylor and Joseph on the future of their relationship

It seems that some, not all, of the guests who were at the root of some of this season’s problem behavior have reached out to apologize. “I definitely see certain people in the house trying to right their wrongs and take responsibility and move on,” says Joseph. U.S. “It’s unfortunate that those mistakes have been made, but it’s fortunate that people are trying to correct that mistake, and I hope they get positive reinforcement in doing so because I want to encourage people to do so. I want to encourage people that when they make a mistake and realize it and take responsibility, they are met with positive reinforcement.”

The former personal trainer also wants to emphasize that he is not speaking for Taylor or his experience. “I’m definitely an independent person, but this has a lot to do with Taylor and a lot of these behaviors affected Taylor directly,” he explains. “The best thing I want to do is support her. So whatever she wants from me and how she can help her, and whatever her healing process is, I want to do that for her.”

Joseph and Taylor BB24
Courtesy of Joseph Abdin

Joseph has been a support system for Taylor, who became the first black woman to win a US season of the long-running CBS series, and she plans to follow suit. “I’m so happy that she has the platform that she has and has the attention that she has because she’s such a role model,” she says. “She really is. And how she decides to respond to this, I think that will be a very good indication of where her supporters should influence and how they want to position themselves based on this issue. Viewers have every right to feel how they feel. They saw it, they felt their own emotions. i can definitely [understand] that they were empathic and feel it and want to act on what they saw. But Taylor is an amazing person. She’s a great role model and she’s the one who went through it, and whatever her reaction is and whatever steps she wants to take, I’ll be there to support her.”

The couple is currently spending more time together in Los Angeles as they relax and adjust to the post-Older brother life. “One thing I would say about Taylor is that she’s beautiful and she’s smart,” says Joseph. U.S. “She will be able to identify if someone is speaking lip service, if someone is trying to take advantage of her. She won Older brother for a reason. The fact that she won, I think, says a lot. She is a great judge of character and she is very empathetic. Honestly, she is a role model for me. That is why I respect and love her so much, and I really feel that it will be a good indication of how to move forward with this.”

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